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Financial Services

Regulation, risk and compliance beset the financial services industry
They have come to be the preoccupation of whole departments, and the fear of many others.

Amid the crises, upheaval and uncertainty, most see only that regulation will increase. And as its influence grows, it will have a crippling impact on the performance of businesses.

How can you reduce the burden of regulation? Seek simplification in ever-increasing complexity? Or just do more with less?

First Choice Records Management helps you to tackle the difficulties of financial services information management. We’ve done so for more than 30 years, assisting in the design of systems and processes that make life and information more manageable.

Ours is an experienced team – professionals who are thorough as well as confidential in their approach to your business. Although our aim is to ensure you meet regulatory obligations, we look for other benefits, like cutting out unnecessary processes, finding cost reductions or simply making it possible to retrieve relevant information more quickly.

Our experience

Financial Services, UK
First Chocie acts as the invisible partner providing the link between the staff at the Bank and their documents. All of the customer’s staff can therefore concentrate on their core activities, leaving the records management services to the experts


The challenges of applying robust records management systems to healthcare grow more complex every day.
Yet the importance of good management is a concern for everyone, healthcare professionals, patients, and governments.

With so much at stake and in systems so vast as to encompass an entire nation’s population, it is little wonder that failures occur frequently.

This leaves professionals and administrators with the dual distractions of time wasted searching for the right information and resources spent recovering from information lapses, or inefficiencies.

First Choice Records Management works with healthcare providers’ records management and procurement teams to develop records management strategies that protect vital patient information.

With information management expertise on hand it is possible to design and implement procedures that encourage better practices and reduce the likelihood of information breaches.

Our services provide clinicians with simpler or faster access to patient records and healthcare providers work better with the knowledge that compliance is assured

Our experience

Healthcare Trust
Following the merger of four organizations, this primary care trust (PCT) needed a central system to log and track of the whereabouts of live and legacy documentation. Read more
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Hospital administrators have common complaints: too little space to keep everything, and too few people with too little time to go searching through all their files. It quickly becomes apparent that help is needed


No one ever advertises the exquisite beauty of the product handbook
We never hear that the thrilling performance of the quality assurance documentation will transform your life.

Yet the records created throughout the process of manufacturing are no less essential to the success of the product and of the company, as other more celebrated components.

Beginning with research, prototyping, and development and continuing through production, sale and customer support, the story of everything you make must be recorded, referenced and retained.

Like other industries, it’s also necessary to collect, track and retain personnel and other administrative or financial business information. It’s equally important to comply with regulations concerning the security of all such data you hold.

Experience in helping to streamline the flow of information and ensure its safety is invaluable.

Our industry expertise comes from working with manufacturers to understand their needs, and designing services to match. The benefits of taking a robust approach to information management include reduction in overheads and complete confidence in the security of an often undervalued asset.

It may not lead to excitement in the marketing office, but it’s sure to please one or two other departments in the business

Our experience

ABB has more than enough factory space to store its records, but was finding it increasingly difficult to locate items from the stack. There was no one available at ABB to organize its important documents and bring some much needed efficiency to how information is used.


It doesn’t take a scientist to know that every piece of information has a value
The genius is in making the connection between one bit and another.

Equally, to know where to look requires you first to know where you’ve been before. It’s second nature to science of every kind to keep a record—since the ‘discovery’ of scientific method.

So it should be no surprise to learn that we take a similarly scientific approach to managing your information.

While the complexities of managing records and meeting the requirements of international regulators present unique circumstances, the methods for dealing with them are similar.

We are thorough in understanding the business and its challenges and consider current needs as well as likely future scenarios.

Recognising that there are many streams of information, we aim to ensure that our recommendations and working practices fit into the flow of information management in your business.

With experience in handling valuable information for every kind of business, and knowing the vital importance of compliance, you can be sure that we will act with care.

Our experience

Global Pharmaceuticals
Implementing a single records management policy across global locations calls for a supplier flexible enough and with sufficient experience in dealing with international locations and several vendors

Public Sector

You’ve been handed the poisoned chalice…
Tackling public service information management is perhaps the toughest challenge in the field.

This is partly because of the incomparable volume of information – we are dealing with everyone here, after all – but mainly because expectations are high and resources scarce.

It’s essential to understand completely the needs of your organisation, as an independent entity. It requires careful scoping, practical systems design and common sense approaches to risk management to produce the best value, or at least to know if that is what you’re getting.

Possibly, it also takes a privately held business to maintain a genuine service ethos. With no markets to appease or external shareholders to influence decisions, we are better able to make promises and keep them.

Our experience

Public Service
Its storage facilities reaching capacity, and space hard to find in London, this organisation needed the flexibility of FCRDM’s bolt-on storage and management service.
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Healthcare Trust
Following the merger of four organisations, this primary care trust (PCT) needed a central system to log and track the whereabouts of live and legacy documentation.

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