Secure Destruction of Multimedia


Why destruct multimedia

Nowadays it is vital to have a solid process for disposing of information and data as a part of your information management strategy. More importantly, it’s the law.

Leakproof process secures your intellectual property.

For immediate destruction of the most sensitive information Magnetic and Physical destruction of Hard drives and other multimedia devices is a practical and secure confidential method.

Magnetic destruction

Magnetic destruction erases all the data from the Hard drive or any other multimedia device and the Physical secure destruction is physically destroying totally the Hard drive and any other multimedia device.

Our specialized machines are quickly and efficiently to secure destruct your hard drives and other multimedia devices.

Reports and Certificates of degauss the data from the Hard drives & other multimedia devices and for the physical secure destruction, are provided.

Data Degausser

Data Degausser, which is a specially shaped magnetic ‘oven’ where the magnetic fields are completely erased the data from the hard disks & other multimedia devices. The process of the total data erasure is monitored from the audit software.

Physical destruction

Physical confidential destruction with the special destruction machine which completely destroys the hard disk, cutting it in two pieces.


audit software records

The audit software records the following items:

  1. Name of owner – Organization of the devices
  2. Serial number of any kind
  3. Type of device
  4. Device capacity
  5. Date and time of the confidential erasure and the physical destruction
  6. Duration of the process of data erasure and confidential physical destruction of devices
  7. Report of all data of the process of total data deletion and the confidential physical destruction

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