In-house Records Web Portal

Create better connections between

your file room and our records interface systems

Fist Choice Records & Data Management UK provides desktop management of all your stored information through one, simple-to-use Web site.
Create better connections between your file room and our records interface systems using, a cloud-based management system. The result of integrating systems is real-time inventory updates, online orders and a view of records from a multitude of data sources.

The software service, which works with widely used file room systems, creates an interface to documents, a bridge between the office and the records centre.

Data is secure and encrypted on the host servers and in transfer. Links to your system and ours are managed in the cloud – in this instance, a secure, stable, 24-7 managed data centre.

Document management made easier

FCRDM’s secure web portal is convenient, accessible and gives you ultimate control over your information. You can manage account access, file search your entire archive right through to inventory management and online ordering and electronic delivery.

Simpler billing and audit trail

Our invoicing interface makes billing and tracking transactions so much simpler for all the records you request, store, retain or destroy:

  • Delivers electronic invoices directly to your inbox
  • Provides full invoice history via a user-friendly web portal
  • Allows you to raise and track online queries and monitor payment information
  • A simple view of all records, wherever they reside or are recorded, makes for a more efficient records management system and saves time. It’s also so much easier for everyone to work in the same way.

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