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Our document management system for hard-copy documents, files and cartons provides convenient access to information stored within your records system. Also offering security and peace of mind knowing that all your information is held safely and can be retrieved as you need it.

Access and control

‘Off-site’ sounds like your information is harder to get at, yet more efficient classification and cataloguing, combined with electronic or physical retrieval on demand makes it more accessible, not less.

Confidentially controlled

Your records are housed in dedicated records centres, constructed for the purpose. Each UK site operates a strict security policy, all staff are vetted and trained in all aspects of their jobs as well as the requirements of data protection.

Secure service

Retrieving hard copy items (cartons, files or documents) couldn’t be easier. Requests can be received via our web ordering system and deliveries arranged on a schedule, or specific day service. Electronic records or copies of originals can be scanned and sent via fax or email – providing access on demand.

Instant access on demand

Our web-based solution enables authorised users to access, create, search, order, retrieve and edit inventory via a web browser on their desk top. We offer customised data entry screens to enforce key field capture and retention dates, with powerful search queries to quickly and easily query the record centre database – ensuring they remain in control.

The latest technology development offers client file room software integration, which enables multiple data source viewing through a single global portal.

Empowering client reviews

Your assets are tracked; the barcode remains in situ for its entire life and provides a complete trail from deposit to disposal. We can send you details on storage, a history of activity and comprehensive spend and trend analysis. Our reporting gives you full control over your information, its use and plans for its audited disposal.

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