Multi Media Management

Like the money you save regularly, sending data off-site

is an insurance against unpredictable events

As a component of IT management it is practical – a managed service causes no interruption.

As a risk management strategy it pays its way – being so much less costly than the consequences of a loss.

Global in scale, First Choice Records & Data Management is able to accommodate your off-site storage needs to an agreed standard wherever you are.

Magnetic attractions

  • Safe – Environmentally controlled
  • Secure – Strictly monitored facilities
  • Audited – Barcoded tracking
  • Accessible – 24/7 controlled access
  • Serviced – Media supplies, collections and delivery

First Choice provides media storage in strategically-located centres, ensuring that your data is stored in optimum conditions, as part of your back-up routine and business continuity plan.

No need to interrupt your routine

The essence of our service is to enable you to operate with the minimum of distractions. We can advise or be directed by you to establish detailed back-up rotations on a daily, weekly or monthly rotation and match delivery and collection to your back-up schedules.

We will also establish disaster recovery procedures to minimise system downtime in the event of a major incident. We are available every hour of every day.

Tracking and traceability

Information stored on media is the life-blood of your business, to protect the data loss from natural disasters or human intervention is a key control. Our storage and barcoded system ensures that your assets are managed, tracked and reported. This managed service with full audit trail ensures reliability, giving you peace of mind, delivery and recovery.

Optimum storage conditions

Media is stored in temperature and humidity controlled vaults; these are purpose-built chambers with extra fire-rated construction, fitted with suppression systems and are contained within the envelope of our centres to ensure the secure management of your data.

Offsite, safe and secure

All vehicles are secure; staff are trained, vetted and in regular communication with our centres.

First Chocie provides secure off-site storage in strategically located facilities well away from high risk areas.

Our media centres are highly secure and access is restricted to our vetted personnel. We maintain stringent security controls, including CCTV, 24 hour alarms, smoke detection systems and perimeter fencing.

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