Secure Destruction / Shredding

Information is all-powerful, and all-pervasive.

It’s also persistent, and hard to destroy.

Paper and electronic documents, messages, and records are the obvious targets.

In an age where faking is big business, is it vital to have a solid process for disposing of information as a part of your information management strategy. More importantly, it’s the law.

Leakproof process secures your intellectual property

The greatest risks lie in failure to identify and correctly categorise sources of protected information, and in processes that are open to neglect or abuse.

FCRDM’s breadth of knowledge and experience in information management gives us unique insight into the wisdom of information security as well as the legal obligations. We see it as intrinsic to any effective information management policy.

We make it a priority to understand your business and provide detailed recommendations to develop reliable processes and policies for the secure disposal of corporate information.

We identify the risks, provide robust procedures and the support of reliable ongoing services.

Secure services underpin your corporate information management strategy

With national facilities for collection, on-site disposal and off-site storage or destruction, First Choice Records & Data Management provides a fully audited and certified service you can trust.

Knowledge is everything – comprehensive and confidential collection and disposal

It’s not only impractical, but unnecessary to apply the highest security to everything you no longer need to keep. We’ll help you establish what should be securely disposed of and provide the means to do it.

There’s no limit to the things we can accommodate, but there are common requests:

  • Documents and charts (paper is destroyed and recycled)
  • Magnetic media
  • Redundant IT equipment (anything holding data is destroyed)
  • Handsets and phones
  • Uniforms
  • Disused or faulty products

Witnessed protection – on-site shredding provides a secure presence

For immediate destruction of the most sensitive information on-site shredding is the practical and secure method.
Our tracked and alarmed shredding vehicles enable our teams to destroy data quickly and efficiently. Proof of destruction and a certificate is emailed after collection.

All paper is sent for recycling.

Movement sensor – tracking from the workstation to the destination

Knowledge is power. What could be more comforting than an audited report of the movement of everything you dispose of – from your desk to our secure destruction facilities?

Each console sack collected and shredded off site has a unique barcode reference. The sacks are scanned at collection providing a reliable audit trail throughout the process.

Unique messages – the intellectual property of the business – are hard copied and hard coded, indelibly impressed onto everything your company touches.

For more information on how to destroy your information securely, contact First Choice Records & Data Management today.

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